3 Dine-In locations to serve you: Elmdale, Elgin & Bank St.

Elgin Street (est. 2016)

231 Elgin Street

It’s a slightly s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d version of the original Whalesbone on Bank Street.  

It seats 140 guests, so larger events and bookings are accommodated.

With room for loads more, we’ve added to the list. Not only more space for a bigger oyster bed, room for more superb wines, even a beef aging room to age our own and prepare it with a super heated double-fired charbroiler.

Summertime we host the finest backyard patio in town. Book a lunch table.

Really, its another fun room, with talented people doing a really great job.  

Come and give it a try. Compare it to the original.

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