Oyserfest is back! Sunday, June 30, 2024 - Get your tickets


Heya everyone!

We have some nice weather now so it is the perfect time to dust off the lobster crackers and have yourself a back patio seafood tower!

The first step is to thaw the scallops, crab and shrimp. The good news is the shrimp and crab are already cooked. The scallops we are going to ceviche the scallops a little while later so do not fret it just yet.

The lobster and crab are going to need to be cracked so you can get at the meat. The easiest way with the lobsters is using a cracker. This is what I recommend as it is the safest. However you can also cover the lobster with a rag and gently crack it with the bottom of a small pan or pot. The shell on the crab is much flimsier than a lobster so the simplest way (if you don't have crackers) is to take the point of your knife peirce through towards the knuckle and bring your knife down. If you opt for this method make sure the crab is completely thawed. Honestly the way I do it is by hand and sucking on the leg. This just feels more authentic to me.

next you will want to shuck the oysters. Take the bag of ice we provided and fill the bottom of a dish with a high rim. The ice will keep the oysters in place so you do not lose any liquor. Shuck by very gently applying pressure to the hinge of the oyster and jiggling the knife, do not press to hard you could either break the oyster or stab yourself. After the lid pops run your shucker along the top of the oyster to remove the inductor muscle and run your knife underneath to remove that end as well.

Finally the scallops. gently pull against the scallop with your hand and it will slide right off the shell, remove the inductor on the side by gently pulling on it. Place the cleaned scallop back onto the shell and spoon a teaspoon of the ceviche liquid we provide overtop.

Pop a bottle of the bubbly and dig in!

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