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Lobster Bucatini Kit

Lobster Bucatini

  • extruded bucatini pasta
  • white wine, padano & herb cream
  • butter poached lobster meat (tail, knuckle and claw)
  • Terramor Farms fresh cut pea shoots
  • grated padano cheese
  • sourdough herb crumb

Cooking Instructions (should take no more than 10 minutes!)

  • medium sized pot of water, lightly salted and bring to boil. This is for the beautiful pasta you will be eating later…
  • as water starts to boil, place a medium sized (12”) saute/sauce pan on a burner, place on medium, as it hits and is ready place your container of sauce in.
  • As sauce comes to a boil, time to put your pasta in the boiling water and cook al dente in about 4-6 minutes, but really do as i do and just check a noodle for bite feel every that you are happy with every so often
  • while pasta is cooking you’re ready to toss lobster meat into the saucepan stir around gently and warm…, as pasta is ready remove from water with tongs and place in saucepan with sauce and lobster, gently stir and toss bringing the whole dish together and voila!  Of course check your seasoning, i would say you’ll want to add salt & pepper, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

*chef tip1 - ladle some of your cooked pasta water into the dish as you are bringing it together in the pan to help loosen the sauce a bit, adjusting your consistency

*chef tip2 - pre heat oven to 185 and warm some pasta bowls up in there before you go to the plate, it really elevates the at home experience, food stays warmer longer..

To The Plate

  • use a pair of tongs, or really whatever works for you and get that delicious looking pasta into those warm bowls… dress the peashoots with a little olive oil and lemon juice and place them over the pasta… garnish with the grated padano and sourdough herb crumb.

ENJOY and THANK YOU from the Whalesbone Team!

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