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Caesar Salad Kit

The Whalesbone @Home “Take Three”

Did you know the “caesar salad” was first created in Tijuana Mexico in 1924 by restranteaur Caesar Cardin, an italian immigrant who operated restaurants in the US and Mexico at the time.  It is said Caesar created the salad during the 4th of July rush and a busy day had led to depleted food in his kitchen and pantry….. Resourcefulness pays off still to this day as the caesar salad is easily the most recognized salad in the whole world… and in my mind one of the most delicious.

Caesar Salad KIt

  • heads of romaine
  • our caesar salad dressing
  • fresh dill (chef Korn’s signature touch!)
  • sourdough crouton
  • crispy shallot
  • grated padano cheese
  • double smoked bacon bits

To Prepare 

If you don’t know what’s going on here then we are in trouble lol….. Tear some romaine into a bowl, add croutons, bacon bits, torn or chopped dill… crack some pepper, squeeze some fresh lemon and add the dressing…. Toss lightly so as not to bruise the leaves of romaine to much… sprinkle cheese and crispy shallot over!

If you wish some sort of allium could be a welcome addition to this…. Some sliced thinly shallot, scallions or chives…

Another note, if you wish some more creaminess and richness to the salad… at the restaurants we add a fresh egg yolk while we are mixing everything together…. For this kit I would suggest to add two if you would.

Enjoy and Thank You!

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