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Thai Coconut Mussels Kit

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Thai Coconut Mussels Kit

Kit includes:

 - 2lbs of fresh pei mussels

- 500ml of our famous aromatic thai coconut broth w/ kefir lime leaf

- baby bok choy tips

- fried shallots for garnish

 To prepare:

Give the mussels a quick look over and rinse under cold water. Our mussels are extremely fresh but if you see any after the rinse that have not closed back up… give them a gently tap on the counter which should wake them up and scare them shut…. if the shells don’t close at that point discard the open mussel as it is dead and not suitable for consumption.

Now get a pan or pot big enough to hold the two pounds of mussels, broth and veg. Pan/pot should have a lid to cover.

On medium high heat bring broth to a boil and place mussels and bokchoy in pan/pot and cover with lid. Steam for about 5mins or until all the mussels have opened and you smell the absolute deliciousness you are about to consume.

Season with a little salt, or if you have some thai fish sauce would be great here. A little lemon or lime juice and place mussels and broth in a serving bowl, garnish with the fried shallots and dig in!

Bon Appetite.

Thank you from the Whalesbone Team.

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