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Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Smoked Baby Back Ribs

So here we are, full on dog days of summer are in full swing guys and ladies… cottages, river floats, lakes, golfing, camps, fires, and of course BBQ’s!

Opening back up the tavern post covid we decided to give people the bbq feel on a plate,.. so we rubbed some baby back pork ribs with our chef’s secret seasoning, brought em over to our smokehouse and fired up the old smoker bud! 2.5 hours later fall of the bone smoky deliciousness booya! Now complimenting all that delish porky baby back goodness is our tangy Carolina style bbq sauce. guaranteed a lip smacker!


To Serve:

So obviously if you have a bbq grill, fire it up on medium heat… cut open the bag and through the ribs on that puppy. I’d say give 5 minutes on both sides, let em get a little charred and sticky. Really though this is all you and personally preference, I mean I’ve been known to snack on a cold rib or two from a leftover box in the fridge right ;).  We’re taking some of the work out here so you can enjoy a little more of that oh so precious time these days with your friends and loved ones.

No BBQ grill… no problem. Turn your oven broiler onto medium high.  Place ribs on tray in middle rack and cook for 5 minutes on each side, let stand for a bit and serve.


Maybe make a kickass slaw to serve or some potato and pickle salad,… if you were smart you also picked up some of our delicious brown butter dinner rolls!

Bon appetite!

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