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Halibut Cheeks

A prized off cut from the halibut fishery, the flesh sweet like a scallop with a little more bite to it than a halibut filet or steak. Breaded and pan fried they are a chef favourite and effing delicious! We’ve included some of our garlic caper mayo for dipping… yummy!

Panko breaded and Pan fried Halibut Cheeks
- 1 pound of halibut cheeks

- panko breadcrumbs for breading

- garlic caper mayo for dipping

 To Prepare:

- You will need 3 eggs and a ½ cup of milk or water to make an egg wash for breading the halibut cheeks.

- Pat dry halibut cheeks

- Set up your breading station, you will need flour (about a cup), the egg wash and panko breadcrumbs (a container for flour, a container for egg and a container for panko

- Dust halibut cheeks with flour, individually dip in egg wash and then dip into breading. Place breaded cheeks on a plate as they are ready.

- Frying pan on medium high heat… a little olive oil and a couple of nubs of butter… let butter brown a bit in pan and then start frying the halibut cheeks for about 1.5 minutes per side. Place on a plate with paper towel to absorb any excess grease.

- Serve crispy fried cheeks with some lemon and the garlic caper mayo… BAM!

 Bon Appetite from The Whalesbone Kitchen and Crew!

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